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Qigong Life Force Collection 2019

The Qigong Life Force Collection 2019 gives you the oppotunity to receive lifetime access to:

Streaming Videos of EVERY session of the 2019 Qigong Global Summit series

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the 2019 Qigong Global Summit series — listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your Bonus Collection of THIRTEEN compelling audio and video teachings and ebooks from some of the highlighted speakers in this year's Qigong Global Summit series!

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Discover Qigong energy healing practices to release stress, amplify your life force & increase JOY!

The ability of Qigong masters to heal and focus energy is legendary and eminently practical… AND this power is within YOU too!

A daily Qigong practice, which includes simple exercises and meditations accessible to everyone, can immediately lower stress, increase energy, prevent illness, and support you in rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

The Qigong Life Force Collection 2019 can be incredibly beneficial for ALL...

Our highly esteemed teachers will share how to activate your inner healing potential to release stress, and create a sense of flow and groundedness within the challenges of daily life.

You’ll discover simple practices that will help you take better energetic care of your body, mind, and emotions — bringing you a true experience of harmony, balance, and reconnection with yourself, with nature, family, and community.

The Qigong teachers, masters, and doctors in this year’s Qigong Global Summit series will provide insights into the practices of Qigong, Tai Chi, martial arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine — as well as how Qi is the foundation of all of these ancient arts, and more.

You’ll discover essential daily practices to help you find a place of grounded clarity and self-confidence from which you can deal with today’s challenges.

And if you're already experiencing the benefits of Qigong, Tai chi, martial arts, acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, you’ll discover new opportunities to deepen your current practice.

PLUS you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you upgrade!

Three Foundations of Qi Medicine

An Exclusive Series of Downloadable Video Teachings From Dr. Roger Jahnke

Your body, and even your mind and emotions, are inherently built for self-healing. This is very inspiring! Explore and apply simple Qigong methods within the 3 Foundations of Qi Medicine to turn on the medicine within your body and mind. If you suffer from pain, stress, or a chronic health condition... or if you aspire to higher levels of function and capacity, this exclusive 3-part series with Dr. Roger Jahnke will equip and empower you with powerful wisdom and simple and accessible Qigong practices for your organs, emotions, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Foundation 1:
3 Treasures for Harmonizing Your Heart, Mind & Body 

Download video

In this powerful session, you’ll learn how the “3 Treasures” of Qigong can improve immunity, digestion, elimination, and circulation — and decrease pain, stress  and inflammation... all of which can cause disease.  Find relief from pain, diabetes, arthritis, and Parkinson’s with the practices Dr. Jahnke will share. 

Foundation 2:
Activating the 5 Elements for Healing

Download video

Your body’s five Yin-Yang organ systems are repositories for physiological function, as well as unexpressed emotions... and correspond energetically with the five elements of Chinese Medicine. Qigong practice can support the healing of both physical dysfunction and emotional distress! Join Dr. Jahnke to activate the elemental qualities of Qi in your body, and send this inner medicine to your heart, brain, lungs, and other organs — while soothig your feelings and clarifying your thoughts.  

Foundation 3:
Clearing & Balancing Your Qi Channels 

Download video

Discover how where in the Qi matrix you become blocked, deficient, or stagnant. In this session, Dr. Jahnke will guide you in practices to clear, reinvigorate, and balance your Qi channels (meridians). The Qigong goal is to harmonize the energy of nature within us so that the energy is operating freely to nourish and heal the subtle energy in your mind-body systems — from your brain and organs to the marrow of your bones — to integrate your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual self.  

Transforming Stress & Practicing Deep Self-Care: Qigong Movements to Stabilize Your Lead Energy

Downloadable Video Teaching From Daisy Lee

Qigong empowers you to release stress and make life-affirming choices — including how you respond to triggering events and victimizing narratives in your relationships, communities, and newsfeed. In this teaching, Daisy Lee will help you clear stress-related energy blocks, stabilize your “lead energy,” and begin a practice of deep self-care. 

In this session, you'll discover: 

  • A powerful energy test to demonstrate how your thoughts can weaken or strengthen your body — and block or increase the flow of Qi
  • A Qigong movement to align your body between Earth and Sky... and cultivate stable “lead energy” to strengthen your body and harmonize your emotions
  • Qi activation — “Shaking It Up and Out” — a movement to deliberately create a level of “chaotic” Qi so you can release stagnant energetic debris that's trapped in the joints and tissues

Qigong for Longevity

Downloadable Video From Lee Holden

Qigong has been called "the art of preventing disease and prolonging life." In this short routine of Qigong exercises, Lee Holden guides you through simple yet powerful exercises designed to address numerous healthcare needs and increase longevity. It also includes a facial rejuvenation exercise!

One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light: The Spiritual Adventures of a Qigong Master

Audiobook by Robert Peng and Rafael Nasser; Narrated By Robert Peng

This audiobook describes Qigong Master Robert Peng’s intriguing life story... including his adventures with Master Xiao Yao, who trained him secretly in China during the Cultural Revolution. Robert offers the listener an engaging look at the process he underwent to awaken his own extraordinary spiritual gifts and healing power. He shares the story of his 100-day water fast in the basement of Jiuyi Temple — a “small death” and profound experience which gave him insight into perfect peace and dynamic happiness. 

Chapter one: “The Mysterious Mr Tan”

  • The legendary monk Xiao Yao
  • The boiler room attendant

Chapter two: "At a Crossroads"

  • My adventures with Shifu Tan
  • The rainbow tree

Chapter three: "One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light"

  • Biguan in the dark chamber
  • Perfect peace
  • Follower of the truth

Chapter four: "University Days"

  • Becoming Robert Peng
  • Teaching English and Qigong

Chapter five: "My World Opens Up"

  • Hainan Island
  • Be Xiao Yao

Epilogue: "The Six 'No Worries'"

The Healing Light of Qi

Downloadable Video From Sharron Rose

In this soothing and relaxing practice, you’ll discover how to gather Qi from nature... scan your body... release negative thoughts and emotions... and float softly on the radiant ocean of your life-force energy. 

Healing Stress With Master Mingtong Gu

Downloadable Video From Mingtong Gu

Stress is one of the main causes of all dis-ease. In this training video, Master Mingtong Gu shares ways to prevent and overcome stress… and offers the Inner Smile practice to help your mind, body, and emotions heal.

The Miracle of Qigong: Its History, Future, Science & Art

Downloadable Video Dialogue With Dr. Effie Chow

Join Dr. Effie Chow, world-renowned Qigong Grandmaster Energy Healer and founder of East West Academy of Healing Arts, as she shares how Chinese Qigong, as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is and will be the greatest influence in the Western world as a health and lifestyle self-care and wellness practice for the spirit, mind, and body. She'll show how scientific research is witnessing miracles with Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine where all other modalities have failed to aid in curing illness. 

During this information-packed session, you'll discover:

  • Qigong is a way of life — not just another exercise or meditation routine, but a natural healing practice that promotes spiritual, emotional, and physical integrated, whole health 
  • How Qigong affects all aspects of life, including positive attitude, thought, speech, and action
  • That Qigong is inexpensive to learn for everyone of all cultures and ages

Tao of Tai Chi: The Making of a New Science

Ebook By Bill Douglas

Mind-body and Tai Chi experts around the world are praising this ebook — describing it as visionary... magical... and long needed. It’s said to have universal implications… a book you can contemplate and read again and again... a tectonic shifting point for the realization of love and compassion in the world... and impactful on a global scale. It connects art, philosophy, and science with simple elegance. 

Tao Basics

4-Part Guided Meditation Series From Minke de Voss

Minke de Voss’s 4-part guided meditation series lays a profound foundation for energy cultivation — starting with aligning your energy field with Earth and Heaven. The Inner Smile uses the power of loving acceptance and awareness to transform negative emotions and stress into virtues and centered calm. Awaken and refine your potent sexual energy and channel it through the “Microcosmic Orbit” to bring balance and harmony to your being.

Third Eye Opening Visualization

Guided Audio Meditation From Francesco Garripoli

This guided meditation by Francesco Garri Garripoli was recorded on April 26, 2019, at the Boulder, Colorado Wuji Hundun Qigong Instructor Certification Training. You’ll discover how to cultivate your energetic sensitivity for your personal growth and transformation.

Year Zero

Ebook By Kiara Windrider

Time is cyclical, not linear. Drawing on meticulous research, as well as personal shamanic experience, this ebook describes the big picture of planetary evolution, from the perspectives of ancient wisdom and modern science. It reveals an intricate interplay among phenomena — such as galactic superwaves, magnetic pole reversals, evolutionary impulses within matter, and the descent of supramental light — that are shaping a new species of humanity on a rapidly evolving earth. It’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in spirituality, alternative healing, and new sciences.

Mainstreaming Reiki: What Is Spirituality?

Audio Teaching From Pamela Miles

Are you ready to appreciate the invaluable role that spirituality plays in your happiness and health? Do you want to speak about spirituality and reiki or other spiritual practice with clarity and conviction?

In this compelling teaching, Pamela Miles explores:

  • A working definition of spirituality
  • What spirituality is NOT
  • What people are really looking for
  • Why spirituality matters, both to you and your clients
  • Ways to speak about spirituality without sounding flaky

Tao Yin Exercises

Downloadable Video From Karin Sorvik

Tao Yin exercises help your internal life force — or Qi — circulate more freely. It refreshes, attunes, adjusts, and regenerates your personal energy. An important aspect of Tao Yin is its alternating phases of activity and relaxation. During the relaxation phase, you can learn to feel and gently guide the flow of Qi to specific areas of your body. Through full-body breathing, you can absorb energy from the air — opening each cell to the fresh vitality of the universal force. 

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to every series session — recordings and transcripts — empowering you with essential teachings on the practical, medicinal, and spiritual powers of Qigong.

Package Value: $500 

Now Only $247

Discover Your Inner Healer

The Qigong Life Force Collection 2019 will benefit anyone who’s interested in the healing benefits of energy medicine, Tai Chi, yoga, acupuncture, and martial arts, as well as professionals across multiple disciplines — including Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You may be fascinated by Taoist philosophy and the power of Qi...

Perhaps you're intrigued by the ways that a daily practice can improve your sleep, affect your mood, shift your consciousness, and elevate your relationships...

Or you may be seeking an alternative (or complement) to allopathic medicine to treat a chronic condition or illness...

Whatever your deepest curiosity, you’ll discover powerful resources that will inspire, educate, and empower you.

Our experts will show you how to focus your energy to successfully shift blocked patterns in your body, “recharge” areas depleted of Qi, and activate your body’s self-healing powers.

PLUS, you’ll receive introductory exercises from EVERY speaker in the Qigong Global Summit series… as well as an actual healing.

Here’s some of what our teachers, masters, and doctors will be sharing with you…

Daisy Lee’s empowering movements for women will increase your self-compassion and resilience.  

Drop into the moment and enter a beautiful flow state with Lee Holden’s Qigong practice

Dr. Effie Chow shares about Chow Qigong and your energetic relationship to your family, community, our world, and the universe.
Dr. Roger Jahnke describes the profound power of the Three Treasures — a foundational feature of Chinese Medicine — to generate inner elixirs for healing, disease prevention, personal power, and creativity.

Fully awaken your energy centers and emotional body through the ancient practice of sound healing with Master Mingtong Gu.

Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee guides you through two experiential practices — to reweave your light body and cellular structure.
Experience your natural state of perfect wellbeing through Sheng Zhen meditation with Master Li Junfeng.
Robert Peng’s chanting and tapping techniques will help you balance your energy centers and transform emotional and physical pain

Discover Pedram Shojai’s Taoist perspective on healing your mind, body, and spirit.

Join Angela Wong Douglas and Bill Douglas in an enlivening discussion of how Tai Chi can change the world.
Enhance your love energy to align and radiate your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies using spiritual Qigong practice with Dr. Paul Hannah.
Join Sharron Rose to experience the subtle and nourishing energies within and around you.

The Ultimate Qigong Collection

The esteemed teachers in the Qigong Life Force Collection 2019 demonstrate the healing power of Qigong...

They’ll give you the exact practices that will help you take better energetic care of your body, mind, and emotions — bringing you an experience of harmony, balance, and reconnection with yourself, with nature, family, and community.

Upgrade Now

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • Introductory Qigong exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to help you manage stress and anxiety in your daily life
  • How to add Qigong to other practices, such as yoga, acupuncture, and Tai Chi to bring yourself (and your clients!) into harmony, balance, and optimal wellbeing
  • Ways to tune into your body's subtle distress signals before your health is compromised and becomes a crisis
  • How to enhance your relationships with yourself and others from a place of grounded clarity and self-confidence
  • Helpful breathing exercises and meditations to boost your health
  • Serious scientific research proving that Qigong and Tai Chi are effective complements to allopathic medicine
  • Ways to experience, circulate, and build your life-force energy
  • How to integrate these teachings on Qi into your healing practices
  • Qigong practices for women to help you find your voice and lead from your true feminine center
  • How in the Taoist tradition, emotions are connected to your major internal organs
  • Practices for liberating the emotional body from trauma — emotional, mental, and physical
  • How to work with energetic blocks, excess, and deficiencies
  • Helpful breathing exercises to strengthen your immune system and balance your hormones
  • Qigong as an antidote to the stress caused by the conflicts we face in our world today

When you own the Qigong Life Force Collection 2019, you’ll discover key insights and techniques that will help you heal and restore your body, balance your emotions, revitalize your spirit — and awaken your consciousness.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Qigong Life Force Collection 2019

The Qigong Life Force Collection 2019 includes instant access to all recordings and transcripts of every session from the Qigong Global Summit series.

Streaming Videos of EVERY session of the 2019 Qigong Global Summit series

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the 2019 Qigong Global Summit series — listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your Bonus Collection of THIRTEEN compelling audio and video teachings, and ebooks from some of the highlighted speakers in this year's Qigong Global Summit series!

Package Value: $500 

Now Only $247


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